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Proper Steps to washing, polishing & waxing your car



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Your vehicle is one of your most expensive assets that you will purchase in your life time next to your home. In fact our cars are under constant attack from pollution and airborne contaminants. If left on the surface of the car it can embed into the clear coat or even the paint causing expensive damage. This is why it is essential to wash your car frequently, at least once every two weeks. Exterior and interior car cleaning  will keep your vehicle new!

The most important step before polishing your car is washing it. Before you begin to wash your car you want to have the proper supplies. First you want to try and find good quality soap, not dish washing liquid, as the majority of dish washing liquids are not pH balanced and can strip the wax right off of the car. Try and find good car soap maybe by Meguiars that is pH balanced and has fortified brighteners which won’t dull the paint. Lets get started and I will take you through the steps to properly clean your vehicles paint.



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Car Washing Steps

Steps: Car washing | polishing Guide

1. Pour soap in one bucket creating suds.

2. Fill your other bucket up with fresh water.

3. Try and keep your vehicle in a shady place because the sun will allow the soap to dry creating water spots.

4. Spray the car before you start to wash, this will remove loose particles and cool the paint for cleaning.

5. Spray the wheels and wheel wells to remove overspray etc from the undercarriage.

6. You may use a soft sponge or preferably a sheepskin mitt. Meguiars makes a great wash mit: Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt

7. Start at the top of the vehicle working your way down, do one panel at a time rinsing as you go to keep the suds from drying.

8. After each panel, rinse your mitt in the bucket with the clean water as this will prevent the dirt that is collected from scratching your car.

9. To prevent scratches when drying, use a soft, absorbent terry-cloth towel or a chamois. We recommend using Meguiar's X2200 Super Thick Natural Chamois, 5' Square

10. Be sure to pay extra attention to the front panels, because these are the panels that normally are affected most by bugs, tar and overspray. We later go into detail about 
detailing clay and its purposes which is the next step to cleaning your vehicles paint.

11. After completing the detailing clay process you should 
polish   your cars paint using a polisher and a high grade polish as this will clean the paint and smoothen the surface preparing it for waxing.

12. The very last step is to 
wax   or seal the paint which will protect the paint. (We recommend using Meguiar's NXT Wash & Wax Kit)